Stencil Plus

39" NYSDOT Handicap Accessible Icon Active Handicap Parking Lot Pavement Marking Stencil

SKU: 60-4640-1208

$66.95 $71.28

SKU# 1208 This 39" Handicap Accessible Icon is the NYDOT standard. It was created to make the handicap symbol to look more active. Some people call it an "Active" Handicap. New York and Connecticut uses this symbol and more states are starting to change over to this version.

Stencil Plus 39” Handicap Stencil Parking Lot Stencil

Item SKU#: 1208

  • Highest LDPE Grade material offered in 3 different thicknesses
  • Durable and reusable and very easy to clean
  • Clear LDPE
  • 39” ADA Handicap
  • Overall Size: 46”x40"
  • Packaging/item is rolled and shipped in cardboard box.
  • Free Standard Shipping in the Continental USA
  • Most items placed during business hours before 2pm EST. are shipped same day.
  • All items cut and packaged in our Charleston, SC facility

Material Grades and Thickness

PRO-X .125 LDPE 1/8"

PRO-Y .100 LDPE 1/10"

PRO-S .060 LDPE 1/16"


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