Stencil Plus

Starbucks 48" Drive Lane Chevron

SKU: 60-54482PC-6701


Stencil Plus Starbucks 48" Drive Lane Chevron Parking Lot Stencil

Item SKU#:6701

 -.060 ML and .100 ML come in 2 PCs with fasteners. 

-.125 ML comes as a 1 PC stencil.

-Highest LDPE Grade material offered in 3 different thicknesses
-Durable, Reusable, Clear LDPE 
-Overall Size: 48" x 54"
-Free Standard Shipping in the Continental USA
-Most items placed during business hours prior to 2 P.M. E.T are shipped same day.

Material Grades and Thickness

-PRO-X .125 LDPE

-PRO-Y .100 LDPE

-PRO-S .060 LDPE


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