Stencil Plus

Walmart 42" x 84" Pickup Parking Lot Pavement Marking Stencil

SKU: 60-4890-6902


Stencil Plus Walmart 48" x 84" Stencil Parking Lot/ Pavement Marking Stencil

Item SKU#:6902

  • Highest LDPE Grade material offered in 3 different thicknesses
  • Durable and reusable and very easy to clean
  • Clear LDPE
  • Walmart 42" x 84" Stencil
  • Overall Size: 48" X 90"
  • Packaging/item is rolled and shipped in cardboard box.
  • Free Standard Shipping in the Continental USA
  • Most items placed during business hours before 2pm et are shipped same day.
  • All items cut and packaged in our Charleston, SC facility

Material Grades and Thickness

PRO-ALUM                       .080 ALUMINUM            

PRO-X                                .125 LDPE

PRO-Y                                .100 LDPE

PRO-S                                .060 LDPE

PRO-E                                .010 MYLAR

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